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The Buzzwordthy Inspiration of Marketo Summit


When you attend a conference with 6,500 other marketing nerds and a new Marketo CEO that bears a striking resemblance to the Avenger’s Hawkeye, it can be hard to contain your excitement. It can also be harder to try and convey that emotion in a blog post that will be enjoyable to people who didn’t attend the conference. So instead of creating a post about ‘What I learned at Marketo Summit Last Week’ I’m going to explain my inspiration for the ‘Are You Marketing Buzzwordthy Quiz?’

While I was building my agenda for the Summit, I noticed that several key terms kept recurring in session names and descriptions: Artificial Intelligence, Customer Obsession, Account-Based Marketing. Even the event theme “Leading in the Engagement Economy” contained a newish term. The Engagement Economy? I get the gist, but what exactly is the engagement economy?

Hawkeye, I mean Steve Lucas, the new CEO of Marketo, did a fantastic job of laying out what the Engagement Economy is and what it means to all of us as marketers and consumers.

Along the way, it became clear that other terms like chatbots, big data and personalization will play a big role in this new engagement economy. Marketing Automation, as a term, got very little airtime. Considering that marketing automation has been the bread and butter of Marketo’s success, it really underscores how much these new terms and concepts are shaking up our industry.

In listening to many of the presenters and speaking with other marketers, I noticed that many felt like me: a bit overwhelmed by the crazy pace of change. Technology is evolving and emerging faster than ever. Hyper-accelerated should almost be a buzzword for consideration. As a whole, the marketing industry is just maturing with the technology that came about just 2-3 years ago. How do we, as marketers and leaders in our organization, make sense of all the options we have available? How do we prioritize the strategies and technologies for each of our organizations?

In order to prioritize these new technologies, you have to understand their definition and their context. I spent the last week combing through my Summit notes, searching and reading on the internet and talking with other people to gain my own understanding of each these buzzwords.

Distilling the information into a cheat sheet and writing a quiz gave me a much deeper understanding of the buzzwords. As it turned out, writing the quiz was pretty fun. Hopefully, it’s as fun and insightful when you take it. Once you complete the quiz, you’ll find out how well you compare to other marketers. There is a cheat sheet available too 🙂 You can download it before or after the quiz, but don’t you really want to know how much you already know without peaking at the cheat sheet?

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