3 Things to do now to improve or implement marketing attribution

Considering adding attribution software soon?

Or are you just looking to improve your reporting to be able to report on marketing ROI? Here are three solid foundational steps you can take NOW to make that happen.

This short video walks you through the 3 things you can do now, at no cost, to improve your marketing reporting. Here are the cliff notes:

  1. Agree on your channels and sub-channels. Be sure to include your sales team and even executive team in advance to make sure you have consensus among the group as you get started. This can save you time and headaches down the line.
  2. Develop and maintain a UTM strategy. This simple step has huge implications as you track your efforts. Not sure where to begin? Check out this resource: Quick Guide: UTM Parameters
  3. Build and use program templates. Program templates in Marketo can help you be consistent in tracking your UTMS, channels and sub-channels. This is also very important if you have a large or distributed team creating marketing programs. Consistency is key and program templates can make that reality.