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Hi, I'm Carey.

I proudly wear the banner of Marketing Nerd, Designer and Data Junky. I’m a force multiplier who loves empowering people to make better use of their current technology.
Selecting the right consultant for your company is similar to finding the right employee for your team. Having the right experience and skill set is only part of the equation. You need to feel comfortable that the person you bring on—whether it’s for a few hours or a few days—has the right attitude and character for your company.
I invite you to review my LinkedIn profile to understand my professional experience, but it may be more important to know who I am and how I work.
My background as a graphic designer is the foundation of my philosophy as a marketer. At its very heart, graphic design is about taking a complex idea and distilling it into something visually interesting and easily understood. A graphic designer must be a problem solver and a storyteller. This is what defines me as a marketer.
Marketing is always about problem-solving. The challenge for any business is to find the right audience and to share the right message at the right time in order to find customers for its goods or services. The challenge lies in using your resources (budget, talent, technology) in the most effective way possible to solve this basic problem.


What does Condurrio mean?

Condurrio is based off the Italian word condurre which means “to lead.”
Lead is an important word in Marketing. It can be a noun used to describe a prospective customer gained through sales and marketing efforts. More importantly, it can be a verb that represents how today’s marketing teams are helping lead their companies in this new digital age and how the savvy companies are becoming leaders in their own fields through embracing the new tools to reach their customers at a personal level.
I chose an Italian word because of the special spot Italy holds in my heart. I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Rome during college. Because of that experience, Italy represents how my eyes and heart were opened to a whole new world outside my own. Embracing modern marketing should be a similar awakening.

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