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What to look for in a MOPs consultant?

When you are seeking a Marketing Operations consultant, it’s in your best interest to find the right one who can:

  • Help your team become more effective and efficient at driving revenue by providing guidance and best practices for processes and technology
  • Expand and empower your team as you launch a big initiative, such as updating your lead lifecycle or adding a new tech integration, through project planning, project management, work completion, training, and documentation
  • Act as a force multiplier by filling in when you are short staffed or providing better ways to use your current technology.

Why should you hire Condurrio?

As the principal consultant of Condurrio, I can offer a unique blend of strategic and technical experience necessary in today’s revenue operations space. I focus on improving or developing the tools and techniques required to maximize your time and money. I believe in a practical partnership with my clients—together we develop the tools, processes and documentation you need to reach their goals.

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Strategic Marketing Operations Consulting

Think beyond solving marketing problems to achieving business success though marketing.

Marketo Consulting 

My goal is to make your instance Adobe Engage (Marketo) as streamlined and scalable as possible to help your team get the most out of your investment. This can take the form of building out program templates, creating global lead source and lead capture campaigns, as well as developing excellent data management and training practices.
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Bizible Consulting and Attribution Guidance

Many people implement Bizible and never take advantage of its full capabilities. By taking the time to audit your system, I can help your company develop a roadmap to get Bizible set up or back on track. We’ll work together to help you get the data you need to make better marketing decisions to drive more revenue.
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Hubspot Consulting

Hubspot provides many out-of the-box features which make it easy to hit the ground running. I can help you create or improve your marketing automation strategy to take full advantage of all that Hubspot has to offer. Hubspot also offers native attribution reports that can be customized to meet your needs.
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MOps Strategy and Guidance

We all fall victim to the misguided focus on technical solutions to our challenges. However, in my experience, the solution almost always begins by going back to basics and using your best resources—your teams’ brain power. I can help with the conversations and action items you need to move in the direction of your goals, as well as personalized training plans and documentation.
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  • Carey is amazing! She fill some much needed gap within my global marketing operations team, by bringing expertise and driving alignment conversations. I am so impressed by her organization and ability to breakdown complex ideas into consumable, actionable pieces. I've been trying to bring her into every organization I've gone to since!
    Elicia Chen
  • Carey was an amazing partner for our small marketing team at PeerSpot. We were in desperate need of Marketing Ops guidance since none of us had much experience in fixing the many problems with our lead flow. Carey came in with a logical approach, taking one step at a time, and got us to a point where our systems talked to each other and leads flowed in a better way. Carey was also always willing to help with the smallest detail to the biggest problem. She didn't hesitate to guide us through whatever questions we had even if we asked them over and over.

    And aside from her professional demeanor and immense Marketing Ops knowledge, Carey is an all around wonderful person as well. I can't recommend her enough.
    Valerie Glover
  • Carey is one of the sharpest minds in marketing operations. She blends technical rigor, communication skills, and the ability to drive change in complex environments. You'll never get status quo thinking from Carey - she challenges assumptions and is deeply committed to delivering excellence.
    Justin Norris
  • Carey’s strength as a marketer is only to be out done by her strength of character. She is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, most caring people I’ve ever met. Carey is, without a doubt, a person I’d want on my team in life but she’s also a person that would be an asset to any marketing team. I was fortunate enough to work with Carey for many years as she led the marketing team at AssetWorks’ Fleet Division. I watched Carey build her team from a team of one to a team of many. Her efforts as a leader established a team that was not only cohesive and supportive of each other but also extremely creative and hardworking.
    Similar to Carey herself, her team was both data-driven and creative. In her time at AssetWorks, Carey led her team to deliver superior results time and time again, with a 300%+ return on marketing investment contributing to the organization successfully achieving organic growth goals year-over-year. If given the chance, trust me when I say, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to have Carey be a part of your organization.
    Lauren Galietti
    Volaris Group
  • Carey is talented in so many ways, from her incredible technical skills and consulting ability to her creative ideas and communication style. She's authentic, completely transparent with her team and clients, a fantastic teacher, and always recognizes the importance of talent development. Anyone is lucky to work with Carey, and I highly recommend her as a consultant, leader, and team member.
    Hilary Hearn | Director of Marketing
    Andar Software
  • To do this day, Carey is still one of the first people that comes to mind when I think of a career mentor. Over the course of the three years we worked together, Carey focused her time and effort into not only showing our team how to succeed in our field, but more importantly as future leaders. I constantly felt inspired by her blend of superior talents and equally empowering management style.
    As our unquestioned leader, Carey always took on challenges by establishing a team-first dynamic that cultivated skills and accelerated professional growth. She effectively promotes a rewarding team atmosphere that pushes everyone to want to contribute more and be a bigger part of the end results. On top of these exemplary professional qualities, Carey is genuine and considerate to everyone she works with. For all of these reasons, Carey will be an outstanding mentor to all current and future leaders who are looking to make a lasting impact on the careers of others.
    Rick Sysol | Director of Sales and Marketing Operations
    AssetWorks LLC

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