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It takes a village to be a marketer.

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’ve come here looking for an independent consultant because you’ve learned all you can from documentation and webinars and still have pressing questions to answer. I get it. I’ve been there too. While there are many useful resources out there, you can save a lot of time and future headaches when you enlist the help of an experienced consultant. Let’s work together to help you answer those important questions and overcome your challenges.

Marketo Consulting

How can I track my leads as they move through Marketo and Salesforce?
How do we set up our programs to improve efficiency?
How do we improve Marketo and Salesforce reporting?
How can I use Marketo for attribution reporting?
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Bizible Implementation and Improvement

How do I add Bizible to our tech stack?
Do we need to install Bizible into a sandbox first?
What do we need to do in Bizible and Salesforce for the best attribution reports?
Do I need to change anything in Marketo to make Bizible work? What about Salesforce?
What other kinds of reports can I generate with Bizible?
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MOps Strategy and Guidance

How do we set up our team to be the most efficient?
How do we make sure our executive team understands what we do? How do we build trust?
Should we set up and enforce SLAs with our internal requestors?
What reports are meaningful to grow our business?
How do we provide the metrics that are requested by the leadership team? As well as encourage them to look at data from a different perspective?
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Marketo Training

How do we juggle a small team and a huge workload and still improve our skills?
What are best practices for doing nurtures? Lead source? [insert Marketo function here]?
Can you help me prepare for the MCE? Or should I say, the Adobe Certified Expert – Marketo Engage Business Practitioner?
How do we take advantage of Marketo’s newest features?
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"Carey is awesome to work with. She came highly recommended by a mutual connection. She was a seamless extension of our Marketing Automation team, delivering impeccable client service and reliable Marketo expertise. Her robust background in digital marketing and MarTech is evident in her holistic approach to marketing automation strategy. I recommend working with Carey as often as you can."
Erica A. Sante | Digital Marketing Leader

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