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How easy can you answer the question:
Where should I spend my marketing budget?

Bizible, ahem, I mean Adobe Marketo Measure, is one of the most powerful tools available for answering this question. If you struggle to answer that question, you aren’t alone. Attribution is one the most complex functions in the marketing realm. Having an experienced consultant can help you build the processes you need to fully maximize your Bizible investment.
Bizible Audit Checklist

Bizible Working Session Audit

In this hour-long working session, we will walk through your Bizible set up together and identify the key settings that can make or break your attribution success. This session is designed to help you understand how you are currently using Bizible and if you are making the most of your maintenance dollars. 

This hourly rate can also be used for ad hoc requests that are not part of an ongoing engagement. Perfect if you are stumped and need additional help on a specific item.


*If you opt to move forward with Condurrio, this fee will be credited towards your first month of Bizible Maintenance or towards a Bizible Optimization project.

Bizible Custom project

Bizible Optimization

If you have Bizible but you don’t run frequent Bizible reports or don’t trust the data you are seeing, then you may be missing on all that Bizible can offer. Fix that frustration and turn Bizible into a daily tool for your marketing and sales teams. This optimization begins with an in-depth diagnostic of how Bizible is interacting with your website, Marketo, Salesforce and other integrations. Together we will identify issues that are hiding behind the scenes and can also help keep your system running smoothly. You will come away with several customizable reports, documentation about your Bizible instance (including how Bizible is integrated with Marketo and Salesforce) as well as a list of action items needed to get or keep the system running smoothly.

$5,280 project fee

Flat rate project fee includes set deliverables.
Timing = 4 weeks

Bizible Maintenance package

Ongoing Bizible Maintenance

Bizible is not a ‘set it and forget it’ automation tool. Because it pulls information from so many different online and offline sources, it requires continual monitoring and review. In a world of competing priorities, this ongoing maintenance can often be overlooked while tackling other MOps projects and emergencies. Condurrio will produce four key attribution reports each month. Not only can these reports help you make marketing investment decisions, but they will also be reviewed in search of data or process gaps. Look like a rockstar by finding and fixing the problems before they snowball into something bigger.

$775 per month

Reports will be produced by the 5th business day of each month. List of action items will be prepared by the 10th business day of the month.

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Take a deep dive into Marking Attribution

Attribution is a complex topic for everyone. It starts by changing you mindset. Think more about the habits than the outcome. From there, you'll be able to build the processes and technology that allow you to thrive. This microsite walks you step-by-step through the various attribution terminology and concepts that are necessary for success.

Visit Attribution Habits site
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"Carey is amazing! She fill some much needed gap within my global marketing operations team, by bringing expertise and driving alignment conversations. I am so impressed by her organization and ability to breakdown complex ideas into consumable, actionable pieces. I've been trying to bring her into every organization I've gone to since!"
Elicia Chen  |  Director, Marketing Operations  |  Zuora

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