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Hubspot is known for its elegant, user-friendly interface and for continued product improvement based on community feedback. Key features that make Hubspot special include built-in comprehensive reporting and dashboards as well as Hubspot’s native CRM as an option. Hubspot provides many features ready to go upon implementation which can be a big time saver for smaller marketing operations teams. I can help you access Hubspot's functionality to achieve your goals.

Hubspot Consulting

Hubspot can be customized to meet your business needs. Let's chat about what you how I can help you and your team reach your potential. 

Projects include:

Lifecycle Management
Attribution Reporting and Campaign Analytics
Lead Scoring
Data Management and Governance
Email Campaigns
Subscription Management and Compliance
Training and Documentation
Custom projects
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Condurrio Pricing Options

Condurrio offers two pricing options: Project-Based Pricing and Monthly Retainers. Within these models, we can develop the scope of work and timing that works best for your budget and your goals.
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Take a deep dive into Marking Attribution

Attribution is a complex topic for everyone. It starts by changing you mindset. Think more about the habits than the outcome. From there, you'll be able to build the processes and technology that allow you to thrive. This microsite walks you step-by-step through the various attribution terminology and concepts that are necessary for success.

Visit Attribution Habits site
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"Carey was an amazing partner for our small marketing team at PeerSpot. We were in desperate need of Marketing Ops guidance since none of us had much experience in fixing the many problems with our lead flow. Carey came in with a logical approach, taking one step at a time, and got us to a point where our systems talked to each other and leads flowed in a better way. Carey was also always willing to help with the smallest detail to the biggest problem. She didn't hesitate to guide us through whatever questions we had even if we asked them over and over.

And aside from her professional demeanor and immense Marketing Ops knowledge, Carey is an all around wonderful person as well. I can't recommend her enough."
Valerie Glover  |  Director, Demand Gen  |  PeerSpot

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