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Success is About Your People, Not Your Tech

It’s natural to focus on the technology within marketing operations, but the harsh truth is this—You will succeed or fail based more on your strategy and processes than on the specific technology you use.

My sweet spot is helping smaller teams make the most of their current tools and the staff. Any consultant can come in and suggest a new piece of software to close a gap, but will that really help? Tech stacks are already out of control and tech debt is a leading cause of issues that plague the marketing operations teams.

Today’s companies and marketing operations teams need ways to simplify their operations so that they can scale and grow with agility and speed.

Success comes through being strategic in all the details. This goes beyond just the tools you deploy and the people you hire into properly training and empowering your people with both the tools and the processes. It means saying No to some requests so that you can say Yes to the activities that will drive the most pipeline and revenue.
As your consultant, I work alongside your team as a partner to discuss and document your goals, build a project plan to reach them, and then create ways to measure and monitor that journey.

Retainer Engagements

Need fractional marketing operations help? I can work as an embedded member of your team tackling problems big and small. There are multiple sized retainers based on your needs. Visit the Marketo, Hubspot and Bizible pages to learn more.

Marketo and Bizible Training

I’ve been honored to lead dozens of customized training events—from a remote single-topic session to an in-person 3 day hands on workshop. This begins with a discovery session(s) in advance to develop training specific to your instance and your users.


This course is hosted through and offers a self-paced product-agnostic approach to the key concepts of marketing attribution.

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What might a personalized course look like?

There are many great training resources available online about Marketo, Hubspot and marketing operations in general. However, they may not be specific to your company. Bridge the gap between conceptual platform knowledge and how that platform is used within YOUR organization. 

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"Carey has been a life saver for us. We were brand new to Marketo and needed to ramp up quickly. She was able to come in and provide personalized training to our group. She was also fast to respond to any of our questions. I highly recommend Carey as a knowledgeable and personable resource for anyone who's using Marketo and wants to leverage its potential to the fullest."
Irina Jordan | Director of Marketing ImPACT Applications

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