The Art and Science of Marketing

I’ve never needed another reason to love coffee, but I recently found one on a cup of Dillano’s coffee. The logo’d cup said “The art of roasting is developing flavor. The science is repeating it.”

Well said, Dillanos Coffee Roasters. The quote on this coffee cup goes with marketing just as much as the caffeinated goodness inside it. Designers and marketers thrive on finding creative ways to communicate their company’s messages. However, the idea—the spark— is just the beginning. Lots of people have creative ideas. Brilliant ideas. Rock star ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. The idea is the art. The execution is the science. 

A good idea is fantastic, but it is useless until you have a team of people aligned to make it possible. The execution of an idea is never a solo project. Never. There has never, ever been a successful marketing or design project that was brought to life by one person. As a marketer, your job is to lead this team in a common direction so that the true brilliant spark of the idea carries all the way through from concept to completion. Success comes when you can pair the idea (the art) and the execution (the science) together at scale. Scalability of art and science is where the magic happens.