Video: 30 Seconds to Smarter Form Names in Marketo

This short video goes over two very simple form naming tricks that can help you be more efficient and more accurate as you create forms and build campaigns.

A best practice is to follow the format FORM-TYPE-#### (using the unique form ID from Marketo).

Why include the form type?

As you create forms in Marketo, most will fall into several distinct buckets based on the form intent and back-end processes. Examples include:

  • Gated-Form: Someone fills this out in order to access a specific piece of content
  • Optin-Form: Someone fills this out in order to receive future content updates
  • Contact-Form: Someone fills this out expecting to be contacted by your company
  • Demo-Form: Someone fills this out expecting access to your product or a direct sales call
  • Reg-Form: Someone fills this out to register for an event, such as a webinar or training event

By including the form type in the form name, it clearly identifies its purpose. This can make it easier for the person building the form and campaign, as well as for the person who may be reporting on form activity in the future.

Naming forms with type also allows you to build global campaigns to track any flow steps that should happen any time a person fills out that type of form.

Why include the form number?

Building forms for many different purposes can lead to a large number of forms in your Marketo instance. Although Marketo prepends the name of the program to the form name, it can still be confusing if you have 15 different versions of “Gated-Form” used across several different programs. Adding the unique form ID allows you to be confident that you are selecting the absolute right form for your landing page, smart campaign or smart list.

If you embed your Marketo forms on non-Marketo landing pages, you’ll have to copy the embed code and then have your web developer place it on the landing page where you want the form to appear. The backend code only includes the form number (ex. 1712) and not the full form name. If you need to match up the code on the page to the specific form in Marketo, you’ll be glad you included that form code on the form name. You can search the form number using Marketo’s search feature.