Video: How to Gather UTM Data in Marketo

Curious on how to gather UTM values using Adobe Marketo Engage forms?

I'll be honest, it took me a long time to understand how to gather the UTM values in Marketo using hidden fields. I understood the concept, but I didn't fully understand the mechanics of how the URL was structured and which data I needed to input into the form itself.

This short video (or download the PDF here) explains how easy it is to gather the data in Marketo.

Step by step instructions

  1. Add a hidden field to your Marketo form
  2. In 'Get value from' select URL Parameter. This pulls the data from the URL where the form is placed or embedded. (Pulling data from cookie values is more complicated.)
  3. The 'Parameter Name' is the parameter name that you used in the URL itself. It is very common to use a term with an underscore, such as utm_medium, but you can easily name the parameter anything you want. You could call it medium or source. The key is to make sure the Parameter Name in Marketo is an EXACT match the term in the URL.
  4. The 'Default Value' is optional. Most of the time, you can leave it blank. What that means is that if there is no parameter name in the URL, it will not populate anything in the hidden field. As an option, some people will chose to use the NULL value which would empty any data in that field. For example, if a person originally came in from Paid Search, they may have a value of "CPC" in UTM Medium. If they come to your site a second time directly and there are no URL parameters on the form fill page, having NULL as a default value will wipe out the value of "CPC" in Marketo.